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CareBright is a leading innovator and provider of homecare and support services which allows people to live within their own home and community. Established in 1998, we are a social economy business with a proven track record, offering person centred care to our clients.

We pride ourselves in always putting our clients first, while delivering the highest quality services. CareBright is proud to assist our clients to stay living independently in their homes for longer. We provide private homecare and support services to all age groups and are an authorised provider of enhanced homecare services to the HSE.


CareBright Community Ireland’s first purpose built community for people living with dementia. A place where people can ‘live life’ in a supported safe environment while staying constantly connected with the wider community.

The CareBright Community offers peace of mind for each person living within the community, their families and friends, while offering a home where people can live together sharing ideas, values and routine. A Community where social inclusion is at its core.

CareBright Community will operate as a household model of care, with a personhood approach that shapes the physical environment and structure thus creating the atmosphere of a family home. The community will enable persons living with dementia the opportunity to direct and make choices regarding their day to day lives that will continue to maintain and enhance their wellbeing.


CareBright have been providing training in the community since 1998. It has a proven track record in the development and up skilling of its own staff, along with providing training to the external community. Through our training process we ensure that all trainees are equipped to deliver effective and efficient work practices in the client’s home, while developing a person centred work life balance for themselves as healthcare assistants.
"Both Marie and I are very fortunate to have been allocated such Grade A carers, their relaxed professionalism and what I would term as instinctive caring capacity exceeded all of our expectation. Each lady is unique, yet they all create the feeling of security which is vital for both Marie and me. Each brings a feeling of positivity into our home with laughter, banter, alert eyes and ears and a commendable sensitivity. Your care is consistent and reliable. We deem it an honour to have such devoted ladies tending to our needs. "


"Heartfelt thanks again Colette and also for your kind words to us which I have passed on to my mother. Yes, we are sad. The longer you have someone in your life the harder it is to let go but we have great memories and I was glad to be able to afford to retire early and come home to be with my parents. I could not have done it on my own and it was their wish not to be in hospital or a home, so with your help, we achieved that goal and please God I will be able to take care of Mam and give her some time off now."


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