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About CareBright

CareBright is a not for profit taking social enterprise. We have provided best practice homecare throughout Munster since 1998.  We currently provide homecare for over 400 clients and employ over 200 staff. Our ethos is to provide excellence in homecare and for persons living with dementia, while in parallel, adding societal value to the community.  It is from such deep roots and experience that the inspiration for our “community” was imagined.  We saw sixty percent of our homecare clients have varying degrees of dementia. For many of these clients, living at home was no longer an option. Hence, we began a journey to find the best alternative solution.

It is estimated that 55,000 people are living with dementia in Ireland and this is expected to more than double (115,000) within the next 20 years. These figures underline the urgency of planning now for the coming generation of people with dementia, and of seeing ways to mitigate its impact on those living with dementia, their families and the provision of services.

Many people who live with dementia are physically well, they are often on minimal medication and live very productive, healthy lifestyles.  Research has shown that by living in a household model; continuing routine tasks; having support from family and friends; and, educating the wider community you can reap major benefits for all involved.  


Designed specifically for people living with dementia, the CareBright Community has three bungalows, each containing six private living spaces and gardens. The space and design of each is pivotal in enabling residents to feel a great sense of belonging, comfort and security. The Community also focuses very strongly on the outdoors. Our expansive 4-acre space has a large kitchen garden, sensory and remembrance gardens, outdoor seating areas, boithrin “little road” style walkways and animal sanctuary.

The Community is a lifestyle choice based on a social approach. It provides a supportive environment for people living with dementia, ensuring that all can participate in the warmth and support of our community.  The over-arching aim being to ensure that people can grow old and live well in a community of their choosing, with dignity and independence. The Community Hub provides vital support to the residents and the wider community which has a café, sensory room, spa, hairdressing salon and a social day club.

At the CareBright Community, we are drawing from our 22 years of experience in supporting people living with dementia in the wider community. Our open plan household design aims to enhance a positive living experience, whilst promoting independence within a supportive environment. 

Through extensive research, consultations and site visits in Europe, we identified the household model as the way forward for people living with dementia. 

We are leading innovation as it is the first model of this kind in Ireland. The CareBright Community is a pilot demonstrator. We will strive to motivate communities, enterprises, organisations and government with a view to enhancing the lives of people who are living with dementia in a household environment, where living in their own home is no longer an option.


Our ethos is to provide excellence in homecare and for persons living with dementia, while in parallel, adding societal value to the community. 

We support people to live in their own homes for as long as possible.  


We provide

  • Comprehensive homecare services to older persons

  • Post-operative care

  • Specialised dementia care

  • Companionship and general support

  • Residential center and Yarn social day club

Governance Standards

We are led by a voluntary board who uphold the highest corporate governance standards. We are an authorised provider of enhanced homecare services to the HSE. Our staff are Garda Vetted and QQI L5 accredited.

Our Values

The CareBright 3 C’s are

  • Commitment

  • Compassion

  • Companionship

Our care agency delivers professional and personal services of excellence in the community with a social conscience!


Over 200 homecare carers are supported by Care Managers, Supervisors, Team Leaders and back-office support. Our nurse led organisation offers a wealth of clinical and practical experience, working closely with the health services community.  We ensure that person-centered care is what our clients receive.


All staff complete a mentoring programme focused on delivering the highest quality care. We also use highly effective practical-based learning methods and assessments 

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