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The Yarn Social Day Club 

Our Yarn Social Day Club supports those living with dementia in the outer community by providing socialisation, connectivity and assisted activities.  Surrounded by a four-acre garden, we provide a safe friendly environment for our members to actively participate in everyday accomplishments. 

It is a club where our team provide caring compassionate support, laughter, and chat, and where our members can live their best lives among friends and peers.   

We use games, activities, and banter to bring a smile to each person, helping them to stay connected and involved.  Isolation and loneliness of seniors especially living in rural settings has intensified over covid, coming together within the club alleviates this and brings people back into society again.  It allows our members to fulfil their potential, retain their identity and dignity as a valued member of their community. 


We encourage members to participate in our activity schedule. We organise a range of planned exercises which improve their overall moods, while stimulating their mind and body.


Included in our schedule are activities such as art therapy, movement therapy and dance, choir, bingo, cards, light exercise, and craft. We also include special interest outings throughout the year as decided on by our members. Our activities cater for almost every personality!  However, the activity is secondary to the participation, banter companionship and caring support received at the group. Our priority is to bring a smile, joy, and a sense of belonging to each of our members. 

Open Hours

10:00 – 15:00



Alison Harris




What People Say

As a family caring for our mother at home, the dignity focus love and respect that my mother received in

CareBright / Yarn Social Club is priceless

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