Palliative Care

Palliative Care is a practice used to enhance the quality of life for people living with life limiting illness. This can be a difficult time for the patient and their loved ones . CareBright offers support, using a team approach to address the needs of the patient and their family, and where possible will enhance the quality of their life.

Our experienced palliative team will provide a holistic approach addressing the  physical and emotional needs of clients and families in their own homes. We understand that this period can be challenging and we will endeavour to provide a strong support system  during this time,while providing  guidance to  the family.


CareBright Palliative Care Aims and Goals

  • To offer our clients with palliative care needs the choice to remain and receive supportive care in their own homes
  • To focus on offering a good quality of life by managing system controls to the highest standard
  • To offer palliative care, which encompasses both the person with the life-limiting condition and their loved one, providing respite care for family members caring for a loved one
  • To provide respect for patient autonomy and choice (e.g. preferred place of care, treatment choices)
  • To work as part of a Multi-Disciplinary Team in ensuring that the client received the optimum care with emphasis on open and sensitive communication
  • To provide a holistic approach taking into account past life experiences and the patients current situation
  • CareBright Palliative Carers are trained to the highest of standards by our in-house trainer and will be there to support you


Palliative Care in Ireland: Our experienced palliative team addresses the  physical and emotional needs of clients and families in their own homes.

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