Tax Relief

At CareBright we understand that we are all living in very challenging times. As we are a not for profit taking organisation we can provide hours at a reduced rate.

Tax relief is available to clients or their relatives on the cost of the home care service. A Tax rebate can be claimed at your highest rate of income tax for the year of the claim, subject to conditions.

This can enable you to receive tax relief of up to 41 % on home care costs.

You can claim this relief as part of your tax credits, thereby receiving the relief with your weekly or monthly wages.

If other members of your family would like to contribute towards the cost of home care, tax relief can be separated between the family members contributing towards the cost, €50,000 is the amount per year that cannot be exceeded.

Visit the revenue site below or review the latest tax office information IT47.PDF leaflet – Incapacitated Person Allowance for Employing a Carer.


For further information on the following supports that are available to older persons and family carers, please click here

  1. Carers Benefit.
  2. Carers Allowance.
  3. Family Income Support.
  4. Household Benefits Package.
  5. National Fuel Scheme.
  6. Disability Benefit.
  7. Disability Allowance.

More information can be gained from the Local revenue Department or your own accountant.