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At Your Service To The Rescue to Ireland’s First Purpose Built Community for People Living with Dementia20/12/2017

CareBright Community, Ireland’s first purpose built community for people living with dementia will be the Brennan’s brothers biggest Christmas Challenge ever. In this year’s Christmas special John and Francis Brennan are called in to fit out and furnish the community in time for the centre’s open day. At Your Service To The Rescue will reveal if they’re successful when the show broadcasts on RTE One on 28th December at 9.30pm.

CareBright Community is set on a 4 acre site in the heart of Bruff, Co. Limerick and is beautifully designed specifically to provide independent living with a strong sense of community for people living with dementia. The scale of the project is beyond previous Brennan Christmas Specials, requiring considerable donations to finish the project. CareBright continue to actively fundraise to fund the project. Beautifully designed specifically for people living with dementia, the Community has three bungalows, each containing six private living spaces and gardens. In each house there is a communal sitting room, kitchen and a snug “nook” area. Each resident also has a private bedroom, with a small sitting area, en-suite bathroom and patio. The space and design of each is pivotal in enabling residents to feel a great sense of belonging, comfort and security.

CareBright Community also focuses very strongly on the outdoors. The expansive 4-acre space has a large kitchen garden, sensory and remembrance gardens, outdoor seating areas, boithrin “little road” style walkways and animal sanctuary.

It also features a large community hub building with a 40-seat restaurant, hairdressing salon, consultation rooms, offices, a small gym and spa. These facilities will be available to both the residents and to the local community.

While construction is nearly complete CareBright asked the Brennan brothers to fit out the buildings and garden areas, find furniture for each house, tables and chairs for the restaurant, extensive landscaping for the outside areas. Etc. An important part of the Brennan’s appeal will be to secure vintage and retro’ pieces with nostalgic value, which help towards reducing stress and anxiety in residents. Along the way Francis and John will be meeting people living with dementia and their families and carers, shining the light on challenges people face on a daily basis. CareBright Community, the brainchild of CareBright Homecare, a social enterprise established in 1998, will be a person-centred model of care based on the very successful household model being used at De Hogeweyk in Holland. With the development of CareBright Community, CareBright are currently recruiting for key roles for CareBright Community and their homecare service CareBright Homecare.

Speaking ahead of the broadcast Colette Ryan, General Manager of CareBright said: “At the CareBright Community, we are drawing from the 20 years of experience in supporting people living with dementia in the community. A lot of clients who live with dementia are physically well and they are often on minimal medication and live very productive, healthy lifestyles. Research on best practise models by CareBright has found that small scale household models enables people to live for as long as they wish in a place of their choosing. The staff approach in this model goes against creating routinised care and an institutionalised culture but creates a closer and more personalised support and care. Research has shown that by living in a household model; continuing routine tasks; having support of family and friends; and educating the wider community impacts positively on the quality of life”.

Majella Murphy, Business Development Manager at CareBright added:

“CareBright believes that the project will help change the face of dementia care in Ireland. Currently, 55,000 people are living with dementia in Ireland and by 2026 it is forecasted that the population living with dementia will be 81,922. These figures underline the urgency of planning now for the coming generation of people with dementia, and of seeing ways to mitigate the impending epidemic and its impact on those with dementia, their carers’ and the provision of services. CareBright are striving to do just that”.


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