How We Work

Step 1

If you are considering care or support for a loved one, please contact CareBright by phone, email or by calling into one of our offices in Newcastlewest, Mallow, Croom and Southill Area Centre. We are here to answer any of your queries and would be delighted to do so. When our team receives your initial query, we listen to your requirements and advise you of our services that are relevant for your needs.

Step 2

After our first initial conversation a free consultation is provided by one of our Nursing Team. This consultation is arranged in the home, where your requirements will be discussed in detail by the Care Manager. By doing this it allows us to commence with identifying a carer best suited to your requirements. A detailed assessment will be completed and a care plan devised to meet your needs.

Step 3

A quotation based on the level of care that is required is prepared and sent to you for your perusal. We will work around your needs and the needs of your loved one. We aim to provide care at a price that is affordable as CareBright is a not for profit organisation. Our focus is your care.

Step 4

Our Care Manager will then introduce you to our carer. It is very important that we identify a carer that will be compatible to you and your care requirements. At this point a start date and time is agreed and the service commences. The CareBright Service User Guide is discussed and left in the home for your reference and assistance.

Step 5

Our Care Manager will liaise with you and your carer on a regular basis and will visit your home in line with our monitoring schedule to ensure you are satisfied with our service. We take pride in ensuring that all our clients are happy. As care is constantly evolving and requirements change from time to time we ensure that all care plans are reviewed and altered as clients needs change.