About Us

CareBright was formed from understanding the need for professional and supportive care in our community.

CareBright is a social economy business which was established in 1998. We are a leading provider of homecare in Munster. Our focus is caring for and supporting people to live independently in their own homes. CareBright has been providing services for older people in the form of Home Care Grants, Home Help Services, Chiropody, and Subsidised Hours in the home, while also being a homecare provider providing care for clients in a private capacity. Care services are provided: for the elderly, people with disabilities, post surgery, people who require specialised services, companionship or general support in the home.  Our focus is you and your loved ones.

CareBright: The Homecare Provider and Care Agency

We have a team of approximately 250 carers who are managed and supported by a team of Care Managers, all of whom are qualified nurses with a wealth of clinical and community experience. As a leading homecare provider, our Care Managers work closely with the health services community to ensure person centred care is delivered at home to each client.

CareBright are QMark accredited and we pride ourselves in the quality of care we deliver. Our staff are trained at Fetac Level 5. They are inducted into our organisation through a mentoring programme which never loses focus on delivering care through commitment, compassion and companionship.

Providing care in our community

Our care agency was formed not only to provide care in our community, but also to provide employment to those who deliver care, ensuring our community and the people who live within it, benefit from our services . Our values have not changed, we continue to deliver excellence in care while ensuring employment in our community. Our motivation is the delivery of quality care in the home. We have built this care agency with a social conscious and more importantly we have built it to deliver the most professional and personal services.